Old New Zealand

...National Provincial Championship...

The National Provincial Championship kicked off in 1976 and Bay of Plenty were the first winners. Initially the Championship consisted of a First Division and two Second Divisions (North and South) with promotion and relegation at the end of each season. The format has changed from time to time with a Third Division added in 1985. From the 2016 season the First Division became the Mitre 10 Cup and the lower division is called the Mitre 10 Heartland Championship

Year1st Division2nd Div North 2nd Div South
1976 Bay of Plenty Taranaki South Canterbury
1977 Canterbury North Auckland South Canterbury
1978 Wellington Bay of Plenty Marlborough
1979 Counties Hawke's Bay Marlborough
1980 Manawatu Waikato Mid Canterbury
1981 Wellington Wairarapa Bush South Canterbury
1982 Auckland Taranaki Southland
1983 Canterbury Taranaki Mid Canterbury
1984 Auckland Taranaki Southland
1st Division2nd Division 3rd Division
1985 Auckland Taranaki North Harbour
1986 Wellington Waikato South Canterbury
1987 Auckland North Harbour Poverty Bay
1988 Auckland Hawke's Bay Thames Valley
1989 Auckland Southland Wanganui
1990 Auckland Hawke's Bay Thames Valley
1991 Otago King Country South Canterbury
1992 Waikato Taranaki Nelson Bays
1993 Auckland Counties Manukau Horowhenua
1994 Auckland Southland Mid Canterbury
1995 Auckland Taranaki Thames Valley
1996 Auckland Southland Wanganui
1997 Canterbury Northland Marlborough
1998 Otago Central Vikings Mid Canterbury
1999 Auckland Nelson Bays East Coast
2000 Wellington Bay of Plenty East Coast
2001 Canterbury Hawke's Bay South Canterbury
2002 Auckland Hawke's Bay North otago
2003 Auckland Hawke's Bay Wanganui
2004 Canterbury Nelson Bays Poverty Bay
2005 Auckland Hawke's Bay Wairarapa Bush

Air NZ CupITM Cup

Air New Zealand Cup

In 2006 top division was expanded to 14 teams competing for the Air New Zealand Cup with a lower division called The Heartland Championship. After pool play the Heartland Championship is divided into two tournaments. The top four teams play off for the Meads Cup and the next four play off for the Lochore Cup. The respective cups are named after legendary All Blacks Colin Meads (King Country) and Brian Lochore (Wairarapa).

ITM became the sponsor in 2010 and in 2011 the ITM cup was split into a Premiership and a Championship. In 2016 Mitre 10 took over as sponsor.

YearAir NZ CupMeads Cup Lochore Cup
2006 Waikato Wairarapa Bush Poverty Bay
2007 Auckland North Otago Poverty Bay
2008 Canterbury Wanganui Poverty Bay
2009 Canterbury Wanganui North Otago
2010 Canterbury North Otago Wairarapa Bush
Premiership ChampionshipMeads Cup Lochore Cup
2011 Canterbury Hawke's Bay Wanganui Poverty Bay
2012 Canterbury Counties Manukau East Coast Buller
2013 Canterbury Tasman Mid Canterbury South Canterbury
2014 Taranaki Manawatu Mid Canterbury Wanganui
2015 Canterbury Hawke's Bay Wanganui King Country
Mitre 10 Cup
2016 Canterbury North Harbour Wanganui North Otago
2017 Canterbury Wellington Wanganui Mid Canterbury