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Tom Ellison

The first New Zealand representative team to tour the U.K. was the 1888 N.Z. Natives team which included the legendary Tom Ellison.

The team was largely comprised of Maori players and played a total of 107 rugby matches in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain, winning 78 of them.

The Pakeha players had been included to add strength to the squad. They were billed as all being New Zealand born, hence the title "Natives" though in fact two players were born overseas.

Left: Tom Ellison, N.Z. Natives team and Captain of N.Z. Representative team, 1893

Players: Anderson, W.; Elliot, William; Ellison, Thomas Rangiwahia; Gage, David Richmond; Goldsmith, Charles; Ihimaira, E.; Karauria, Wi; Keogh, Patrick; Lee, Harry; Madigan, Charles; Maynard, Richard; McCausland, Edward Elsmere Montgomery; Nehua, Wiri; Rene, Teo; Stewart, David; Taiaroa, Richard; Warbrick, Alfred Patchett; Warbrick, Arthur; Warbrick, Frederick; Warbrick, Joseph Astbury; Warbrick, William; Webster, Alexander; Williams, George; Wynyard, George; Wynyard, Henry; Wynyard, William Thomas