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...Nita Rosslyn - The Girl in Red...

In 1935 British Entertainer Nita Rosslyn embarked on a world tour, riding her bicycle and performing and telling tales of her journey in the towns she passed through. Her mission was to prove that variety was not dead despite the popularity of talking pictures.

Setting out from London on July 10th, 1930 with just five shillings to her name she toured the United Kingdom. Four and a half years and 40,000 miles later she left those shores and embarked on a worldwide tour which included New Zealand and Australia.

The Press: 4 Dec. 1935

NELSON, December 3. Miss Nita Rosslyn, the English woman, who is making a cycle tour of the world, and who is known as "The Girl in Red," had a spill from her cycle on Whangamoa Hill this morning and was admitted to the Nelson Hospital, suffering from concussion and contusions of the face and arms. Her condition is not serious, Miss Rosslyn was cycling down the Rai side of Whangarnoa, when, it is understood, her heavily-laden cycle skidded in loose gravel and resulted in her being thrown heavily.

Worthpoint - Nita Rosslyn - The girl in red
Nita Rosslyn's Bike