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Toy Love, Bride of Frankenstein

Chris Knox (vocals) Alec Bathgate (Guitar) Paul Kean (bass) Jane Walker (keyboards) Mike Dooley (drums)

Surviving members of The Enemy: Chris Knox, Alec Bathgate and Mike Dooley, teamed up with Paul Kean and Jane Walker, previously of The Basketcases to form Toy Love. They had two songs included on Ripper Records' classic AK79 punk collection.

The band was short lived (1978-1980) but performed constantly producing a single self-titled album and three singles all of which charted in New Zealand. Moving to Australia however they failed to make an impact. Many consider the album, despite reaching #4 in the charts, to be a pale reflection of the dynamic live performances delivered by the band in their hey day. The band themselves also more or less disowned the album. Re-mixed and re-released by Flying Nun Records in 2005 "Cuts" has much superior sound quality.

Though short lived many consider Toy Love's legacy to be immeasurable, going so far to say they spawned the so called "Dunedin Sound" and inspired a generation of Flying Nun bands. In 2012 they received the New Zealand Herald Legacy Award at the Vodacom NZ Music Awards.

Bathgate and Knox would go on to form lo-fi/DIY champions Tall Dwarfs while Paul Kean would join The Bats. In 2012 Toy Love were awarded the New Zealand Herald Legacy Award at the Vodaphone New Zealand Music Awards.


1979 (LP) AK79 (Various Artists) Ripper Records RPR1
two songs: Squeeze Suicide

1979 (7") Rebel/Squeeze - Elektra Z 10015 #29

Feb 1980 (7") Don't Ask Me/Sheep - Deluxe Z 10022 #10

1980 (7") Bride of Frankenstein/Amputee Song/Good old Joe - Deluxe Z 10029 #22

July 1980 (LP) Toy Love - WEA Z 20008 #4 NZ
I Don't Mind Swimming Pool Death Rehearsal Toy Love Song Photographs of Naked Ladies Bedroom The Crunch Ain't It nice Don't Catch Fire Pull Down the Shades Frogs

2005 (2CD) Cuts Flying Nun FNCD473

2012 (2LP) Toy Love (compilation) Real Groovy Records RGLP002

2012 (2LP) Live at the Gluepot Goner Records 91GONE

Other: 2011 (CD) Stitched Up!! The Songs of Toy Love Revisited - Burning Sky Records BSR101145

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