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Bryan Timothy Finn, O.B.E. "was born in Te Awamutu 25th of June 1952. Ten Pounds of boy, Haul away, haul away, haul away", as the song goes. Finn was a founding member of Split Enz and along with Phil Judd wrote much of their early material. Finn left Split Enz in june 1984 to concentrate on a solo career. He has also performed with brother Neil Finn's Crowded House and the Finn Brothers.



1983 Fraction Too Much Friction from the album Escapade #2 NZ, #8 Aus
1983 Made My Day from the album Escapade #22 Aus
1983 Staring At The Embers from the album Escapade #34 Aus
1984 Through The Years from the album Escapade #34 Canada
1984 In A Minor Key from the album Escapade
1985 Home For My Heart #87 Aus from The Coca-Cola Kid Soundtrack
1986 No Thunder No Fire No Rain from the album Big Canoe#24 NZ, #46 Aus
1986 Spiritual Hunger from the album Big Canoe
1986 Carve You In Marble from the album Big Canoe #33 NZ
1986 Sailing Away (All Of US) #1 NZ
1987 You Saved The World #1 Aus from the album Les Patterson Saves The World
1987 With You I'm Alive
1989 How'm I Gonna Sleep from the album Tim Finn #2 NZ, #24 Aus, #77 Canada
1989 Crescendo from the album Tim Finn #97 Aus
1989 Not Even Close from the album Tim Finn from the album Tim Finn #91 Canada
1989 Parihaka (with Herbs) originally from the album Tim Finn#6 NZ
1990 Long Hard Road (with Phil Judd)
1992 Islands (with MC Fli T)
1993 Hit The Ground Running from the album Before & After #14 NZ
1993 Persuasion from the album Before & After #6 NZ, #62 Aus
1993 Many's The Time from the album Before & After
1994 Runs In The Family #9 NZ
1998 Steel City from the Steel City Soundtrack
1999 Twinkle from the album Say It Is So
2001 What You've Done from the album Feeding The Gods #48 NZ
2006 Couldn't Be Done from the album Imaginary Kingdom
2007 Horizon from the album Imaginary Kingdom
2008 Out of This World from the album The Conversation


1983 Escapade (Mushroom Records) #1 NZ, #8 Australia, #161 U.S.
1986 Big Canoe (Virgin Records) #3 NZ, #31 Australia
1989 Tim Finn (Capitol Records) #8 NZ, #44 Australia
1993 Before & After (Capitol Records) #3 NZ, #34 Australia, #29 UK
1999 Say It Is So (Sonny's Pop Records)
2001 Feeding the Gods (Sonny's Pop Records) #27 NZ
2006 Imaginary Kingdom (Capitol Records) #18 NZ
2008 The Conversation (EMI Records)
2009 North, South, East, West...Anthology (Capitol Records) #15 NZ
2011 The View is Worth the Climb (ABC Music/Universal Music) #28 NZ

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