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The Swingers
l-r Bones Hillman, Phil Judd, Buster Stigs

Phil Judd (guitar, vocals) Bones Hillman (bass) Buster Stiggs (drums) Andrew Snoid (vocals) Ian Gilroy (drums)

After Phil Judd left Split Enz He produced and later joined The Suburban Reptiles and when that band broke up he took Buster Stiggs and Bones Hillman to form The Swingers. They had two songs included on Ripper Records classic AK79 Auckland punk rock compilation.

The Swingers were short lived but produced some memorable hits including the smash "Counting the Beat" which in 1981 made it to #1 on both sides of the Tasman. Considered by some to be NZ's troubled pop genius it didn't take long for dissension and band tensions to unsettle the brew. Ian Gilroy, formerly of The Crocodiles replaced Buster Stiggs on drums and Andrew Snoid of Pop Mechanix and Coconut Rough came in as a vocalist when Judd became disenchanted with fronting the group. They disbanded in March 1982.

The Swingers also appear in the Australian comedy movie Starstruck (1982).



1979 One Good Reason/It's All Over Town Ripper Records Rip 002 #19 (NZ)
1981 Counting the Beat/One Good Reason Ripper Records Rip 012 #1 (NZ) #1 (AUS)
1981 It Ain't What You Dance, It's The Way That You Dance It/The Flack Ripper Records Rip 015 #4 (NZ) #43 (AUS)
1981 One Track Mind/Distortion Ripper Records Rip 019 #27 (NZ)
1982 Starstruck/Starstruck Finale Mushroom K 8622
1982 Punch and Judy/In The Middle Of Nowhere Ripper Records Rip 022


1981 (LP) Practical Jokers NZ: Ripper RIP 004 AUS: Mushroom L37635 #2 (NZ) #70 (AUS)
1981 Counting the Beat USA: Backstreet

Two songs appear on the AK79 (1979) Auckland punk rock compilation:

Certain Sound Baby

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