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The Scavengers
l-r Des Truction, Johnny Volume, Ronnie Recent

Mike Simons a.k.a Mike Lesbian (Vocals) Marlon Hart a.k.a Mal Icious (bass) replaced by Brendan Perry a.k.a Ronnie Recent Ken Cooke a.k.a. Johnny Volume (Guitar) Simon Monroe a.k.a. Des Truction (drums)

The Scavengers were (along with Suburban Reptiles) one of the very first punk rock groups in Auckland and had two tracks released on Ripper Records classic AK79 compilation. The band formed in 1976 while members were graphic design students at Auckland Technical Institute. Their recorded output is fairly limited but during their active period (1977-1979) they were hugely influential. In 1980 after moving to Australia they changed their name to Marching Girls.

After the break up of the Marching Girls Brendan Perry formed Dead Can Dance in Melbourne in 1981. Simon Monroe was also in the original line up but when they relocated to the U.K. he remained in Australia.


1979 (LP) AK79 (Various Artists) Ripper Records RPR1
two songs: Mysterex True Love

1993 (LP) AK79 (Various Artists) Flying Nun Records - FNCD279/Propeller Records - D31083 one additional song: Routine

2002 (7") Born to Bullshit/Supported by the State - Raw Power Records RPR 004

2003 (LP) The Scavengers Action Records/Zerox DZEROX01

2008 (2LP) AK79 (Various Artists) Ripper Records RPR1
incl: Born to Bullshit

2008 (LP) The Scavengers Zerox ZLP 001

2014 (LP) The Scavengers (with Marching Girls) Real Groovy Records RGLP003

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