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...The Primmers...

The Primmers

Cliff Gravelle (Guitar, Vocals) Chris Malloy (bass) Mirium Ludbrook (Vocals, Keyboards) Dave Bebb (drums) Karel Van Bergen (vocals)

The short lived The Primmers had two tracks released on Ripper Records classic AK79 compilation. Van Bergen left in 1979 and joined The Features at which time Gravelle took over on vocals. Gravelle would go on to play with Penknife Glides.

In 2010 Gravelle released Durham Lane, a retrospective of unreleased and recently discovered material.


1979 (LP) AK79 (Various Artists) Ripper Records RPR1
two songs: Funny Stories You're Gonna Get Done

2010 (CD) Durham Lane- cliffhanger Productions
Love Sprouts

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