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The Human Instinct

Dave Hartstone (guitar, vocals) Bill Ward (guitar, vocals) Frank Hay (bass) Maurice Greer (drums, vocals)

later: Billy TK (guitar) Peter Barton (bass) Neil Edwards (bass) Larry Waide (bass) Graeme Collins (keyboards) Martin Hope (keyboards) John Donoghue (guitar) Glen Mikkelson aka Zaine Griff (bass, vocals) Phil Whitehead (guitar vocals) Steve McDonald (keyboards) Peter Cuddihy (bass)

The Human Instinct, formerly The Four Fours arrived in London in 1966 and quickly secured a recording contract with Mercury Records. They returned to New Zealand in 1988 and disbanded though drummer/vocalist Maurice Greer retained the name bringing in Billy TK (Te Kahika), also known as the Maori Jimi Hendrix, on guitar.

The Human Instinct have played in various line ups centered around Maurice Greer right up until the present. The current line up features Greer with Phil Pritchard (guitar), Joel Haines (guitar) and Tony Baird (bass).



1967 Can't Stop Around(Hartstone)/I Want To Be Loved By You My Friend - Mercury
1967 The Rich Man(Hartstone)/Illusions - Mercury MF 972
1967 Go-go(Hartstone)/I Can't Live Without You - Mercury MF 990
1967 A Day In My Mind's Mind/Death Of The Seaside - Deram DM 167
1968 Renaissance Fair/Pink Dawn - Deram DM 177
1968 The Death Of The Seaside - Time Records 502
1970 I Think I'll Go Back Home/You Really Got Me - Pye 7N 14012
1971 Midnight Sun/Idea - Pye
- from the album Stoned Guitar
1971 Black Sally/Tomorrow - Pye 7N 14016
1971 Rainbow World/Highway - Pye
1971 Texas Sparrow/Children of the World - Pye
1972 Gypsy Lady/The Hustler - Zodiac Z 1390
1972 Down The Hall On Saturday Night/Simple Man - Zodiac Z 1378
1975 Tropical Paradise (Hope)/Dixie Holiday - Family FAY 1111


1969 Burning Up Years - Marble Arch Records ZMALS-103 Maiden Voyage Blues News
1970 Stoned Guitar - Air ARBS 107
1971 Pins In It - Pye NSPL 28107
1972 Snatmin Cuthin Say To Me
1974 The Hustler - Zodiac ZLP 1051 Last Breakfast Stoned Mary
2002 The Peg Leg (The Lost Tapes) - Rajon Music Group - RJCD004 Free Bird For A Friend All Time Loser
2010 Midnight Sun

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