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The Enemy

Mick Dawson (Bass) Mike Dooley (Drums) Alec Bathgate (Guitar, Vocals) Chris Knox (Vocals)

The Enemy were one of the first punk bands in New Zealand. They formed in Dunedin in 1977 and later moved to Auckland joining a growing punk scene there. Ex Split Enz member Phil Judd joined in 1978 shortly before they disbanded due to band tensions. He would go on to form The Swingers. The band released no material while they were still performing but several posthumous releases followed. Many consider The Enemy to be a profound influence on what would later be dubbed "The Dunedin Sound", namely the Flying Nun bands that coming out of Dunedin in the early 1980s.

Chris Knox, Alec Bathgate and Mike Dooley would go on to form Toy Love. The Bathgate/Knox collaboration would endure through to Tall Dwarfs, champions of lo-fi and D.I.Y. and a mainstay of Flying Nun Records. Chris Knox has also released a number of solo albums.


2001 The Enemy at the Beneficiaries Restrainer Records
1996 Kiwi Rock (various) Kiwi Rock Publications KRP96
One track: Iggy Told Me

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