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The Chicks

Suzanne Donaldson (vocals) Judy Donaldson (vocals)

The Chicks were a popular female vocal duo in the 1960's comprised of the Donaldson sisters, Suzanne and Judy. After they disbanded Suzanne went on to have a successful solo career and worked with some major names in pop music most notably Cat Stevens.



1965 Heart of Stone/I Want You To Be My Boy - Viking 171
1965 (EP) The Birds and the Bees/I Want You To Be My Boy/Huckleback/Looking For The Right Guy - Viking VE 180
1965 Hucklebuck/Looking For The Right Guy - Viking 182
1965 Do You Want To Dance?/Terry (with Peter Posa)
1965 Java Jones/He's My Baby - viking 191
1965 Cumala Be-Stay/Be Bop A Lula - Viking VS 199
1966 Tweedle Dee/The Rebel Kind - Impact IR 1012
1967 You Won't Forget Me/Gotta See My Baby Every Day - Festival FNZK 5
1968 What Am I Doin' Here With You/River Deep Mountain High - Festival FKZ 2282
1969 Stoney End/Get Ready-Uptight - Polydor 425221
1969 Say A Prayer For Michael/Society's Child - Polydor 425208
1969 Miss You Baby/Are You Sure?
1970 I Will See You There/Long Time Comin' - Polydor 2069 002


1965 The Sound of The Chicks - Viking VP 157
1966 2nd Album - Viking VP 186
1968 C'Mon Chicks - Polydor 621001 Timothy Mister Jack Do It Again


1970 Judy Donaldson: Heaven Is The Place/I Can Hear The Picture - Philips 6036 006

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