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Th' Dudes

Peter Urlich (vocals) Ian Morris (guitar) Dave Dobbyn (guitar, vocals) Bruce Hambling (drums) Lez White (bass) Peter Coleman (bass)

Th' Dudes first formed when Peter Urlich, Ian Morris, Dave Dobbyn and Peter Coleman were all students at Sacred Heart College, Auckland. Coleman would later be replaced by Lez White on bass. Th' Dudes only stayed together long enough to produce two albums but they released some memorable songs including the anthemic Bliss.

Following the break up of Th' Dudes Dave Dobbyn went on to form DD Smash and has also released a body of solo work becoming one of New Zealand's most renowned songwriters. Ian Morris joined a later version of DD Smash and performed as Tex Pistol having a number one hit with Game of Love in 1987. He also produced and engineered many Kiwi acts. Lez White performed with Graham Brazier's Legionnaires.



1979 Be Mine Tonight/That Look In Your Eyes #36
1979 Right First Time/Tonight Again Festival #34
1979 Walking In Light/Bad Boy Billy Festival #50
1979 Stop Crying/On Sunday
1980 Bliss/On The Rox #25


1979 Right First Time (Key) #17
1980 Where Are The Boys? (Key)
1982 So You Wanna Be A Rock'n'Roll Star (Key) Mini LP #27
2001 Where Are the Girls?: Th' Definitive Collection (Festival Mushroom Records) compilation #31
2006 Pubs, Parks, Theatres, Clubs, Church Halls, Gardens, Lounges & Band Rotundas (compilation)
2006 2006 Reunion Tour Live #39

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