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Suburban Reptiles
l-r Shawn Anfrayd, Jimmy Joy, Billy Planet, Sissy Spunk, Buster Stiggs, Zero

Claire Elliot a.k.a Zero (Vocals) Will Pendergrast a.k.a. Billy Planet (bass, guitar) Brian Nicholls a.k.a. Shaun Anfrayed (Guitar) Trish Scott a.k.a. Sissy Spunk (guitar) Brett Salter a.k.a. Jimmy Vinyl a.k.a. Jimmy Joy a.k.a. Lino Clone (saxophone) Mark Hough a.k.a. Buster Stiggs (drums) later: Ken Cooke a.k.a. Johnny Volume (guitar), Wayne Stevens a.k.a. Bones Hillman (bass), Tony Baldock (bass), Phil Judd (guitar)

Suburban Reptiles formed in early 1977 and were along with The Scavengers the first punk bands performing in Auckland. Simon Grigg who would later start Propeller Records was their manager. Early gigs generated controversy and the group were banned from some places including a gig at Auckland University Cafe, promoted as NZ's first ever Punk Concert. All three bands, Suburban Reptiles, The Scavengers and The Masochists were subsequently banned from Auckland University. Zero was arrested after the Riverhead Rock Festival for saying "fuck" on stage but was later acquitted, setting a legal precedent.

The single "Megaton" was released in January 1978 and further recording sessions ensued. Phil Judd came on board as a producer and eventually joined as guitarist. His presence proved divisive however and quickly resulted in the demise of the group. He would take Bones Hillman and Buster Stiggs to form The Swingers.

Two songs by Suburban Reptiles appear in David Blythe's film Angel Mine. Three songs appear on the Flying Nun/Propeller Records re-release of Ripper Records classic punk compilation AK79.


Jan 1978 (12") Megaton/Desert Patrol - Vertigo 6036 920

1978 (7") Saturday Night Stay at Home/45 Single - Vertigo 6036 924

1993 AK79 (Various Artists) Flying Nun Records - FNCD279/Propeller Records - D31083
3 songs: Megaton/Coup D'Etat/Saturday Night Stay at Home

2004 (7" EP) Suburban Reptiles Raw Power Records - Raw Power 009

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