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Space Waltz

Alastair Riddell (guitar/vocals) Greg Clark (guitar) Peter Cuddihy (bass)Eddie Raynor (Keyboards) Brent Eccles (drums)

Space Waltz were contestants on Studio One's New Faces in 1974 where they made it to the finals. Their glam rock theatrics were perhaps a little to much for the judges to award them the top prize, however the exposure thrust their debut single "Out On The Street" to the number on position in the national pop charts. In 1975 Space Waltz were awarded the RATA Award for Best New Artist.

Space Waltz was primarily the project of Alastair Riddell who has often been referred to as New Zealand's David Bowie. The songs are certainly derivative but they do nevertheless stand up. Riddell had previously played with Eddy Raynor in Orb, a band that included Paul Crowther and Wally wilkinson who along with Raynor would all go on to play in early Split Enz line-ups. Riddell was also offered a spot but declined, the position eventually being filled by Neil Finn. Guitarist Greg Clark and drummer Brent Eccles went on to play in Citizen Band. Riddell would continue to record and release material and more recently has branched out into film.



1974 Out On The Street/Angel - EMI HR 526 #1
1975 Fraulein Love/Scars Of Love - EMI HR 534


1975 Space Waltz - EMI HSD 1038 Sea Bird Beautiful Boy Love The Way He Smiles Angel And Up To Now

...Alastair Riddell...

Singles: 1977 Wonder Ones/Oh Ron - Mandrill M100005
1978 Smile/Eyes Of Love - Mandrill DRILL 9
1982 Let Her Know/Futura - WEA Z10070


1978 Alastair Riddell - Mandrill MAN 3
1983 Positive Action - WEA 250059-1 Do You Read Me? Zero We All Take Off - Alastair Riddell

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