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Proud Scum
Proud Scum, Liberty Stage 1979

"Proud Scum, you'll be brought low soon, your name maketh it. If I saw you lying in the gutter I"d shit on you and walk on by." (Reuben Chapple)

Jonathan Jamrag a.k.a Griffiths (Vocals) Alastair Rabbit a.k.a. Duguid (bass) John Atrocity a.k.a. Jenkins (Guitar) replaced by Skid Row a.k.a. Sid Rowe Bruce Diode a.k.a. Hoffman (drums)

Proud Scum took their name from a goodbye note left by a disgruntled ex-flatmate. They had two tracks released on Ripper Records classic AK79 compilation, "I am a Rabbit" and "Suicide". When guitarist John Atrocity left the band for the U.K. the band wrote "Suicide 2" imploring him to jump off Grafton Bridge. Atrocity would first hear the song on John Peel's radio show. Proud scum moved to Sydney sans Alastair Rabbit but disbanded a year later.

Proud Scum reformed for the AK79 Reunion concert in 2008 and recorded a cover of "Pull Down the Shades" for the Toy Love tribute album Stitched Up (2010).


1979 (LP) AK79 (Various Artists) Ripper Records RPR1
two songs: I Am A Rabbit Suicide

1980 (7") Proud Scum: Sucide 2/The Terrorways: Short Haired Rock 'N' Roll Ripper Records RIP 1

2011 (CD) Stitched Up!! The Songs of Toy Love Revisited - Burning Sky Records BSR101145
one track: Pull Down the Shades

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