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Mr. Lee Grant was the stage name of one Bogdan Kominowski, born Apr 22, 1945 of Polish Parents in a Nazi concentration camp near Dusseldorf. He emigrated to New Zealand with his mother in 1949. The "Mr." was added to distinguish him from an Auckland actress of the same name.

Lee Grant was New Zealand's first Television pop idol stemming from his appearances early in 1967 on the C'Mon music show.

In 1968 Lee grant moved to the U.K. and continued to release material some under his birth name, but as his popularity waned he turned to acting as a career.



1965 Doo Doodle Oo Doo/As Long As I Have You - Zodiac/Viscount Z45 1231
1967 Mind How You Go/Sounds of the Big Town - HMV HR 276
1967 Opportunity/Spicks and Specks - HMV HR 291 #1
1967 Thanks to You/The Real Thing - HMV HR 296 #1
1968 Moving Away/Lover are Always the Same - HMV HR 304 #2
1968 Ave Maria
1968 Why or Where or When/Hava Nagila - HMV HR 310 #1
1968 The Rivers Runs Dry/Walking With My Angel - HMV HR 314 #5
1968 Bless You/The Wanderer - HMV HR 322 #6
1971 What Am I Gonna Do?/Man With No Tomorrow - Decca F 13108
1979 Blue Angel/Something She Said*

*As Bogdan Kominowski


1967 - Mr Lee Grant - HMV CDSM 6250
1968 - Mr. Lee in London - HMV CDSM 6268 Tabatha Twitchit

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