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Mother Goose

Craig Johnston (Vocals) Marcel Rodeka (Drums) Pete Dickson (Lead Guitar) Kevin Collings (Rhythm Guitar) Steve Young (Keyboards) Denis Gibbins (Bass Guitar) later Justin McCarthy (Lead Guitar) Neil Shilkin (Rhythm Guitar)

Mothergoose were a theatrical rock group that formed in Dunedin in 1975. They were renowned for their whacky costumes and stage routines. 1n 1976 they relocated to Auckland and then Australia. In 1982 steve Young received the APRA Silver Scroll award for the song "I Can't Sing Very Well".



1977 Baked Beans - Mushroom #23 Aus #37 NZ
1977 Moonshine Lady - Mushroom K6950
Jun 1978 I Think It's You/Ol' Blue
Dec 1979 Living In A Silent Movie/Alice (It's Up To You)
Jun 1980 Saving For A Rainy Day/All The Kings Horses - Mushroom K-7126
Jul 1981 I Can't Sing Very Well/You Take It Too Seriously - WEA Z10049
Mar 1982 Marguerita and Me/Fly By Night
1982 Lonely Girls/Living In A Small Town
Oct 1982 Tonight/Welcome To The Radio
Jul 1983 Find A Way Out/Girls Across The Street


1977 Stuffed - Mushroom L 36312
1979 Don't Believe In Fairytales - Mushroom L 37147
1982 This Is The Life - Parole Records L 37775

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