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John Hanlon (1949- ) is a Malaysian born songwriter who had a string of hits in New Zealand in the mid Seventies beginning with "Damn The Dam" (1973), a song protesting the Dam construction on Lake Manapouri, for which he was awarded the RATA Award for Single of the Year.

In 1974 John Hanlon got the RATA Award for Best NZ Recorded Composition with the song "Is It Natural?" His entry to 1974's Studio One Competition was "Lovely Lady" which got him second place but when the single was released it went all the way to #1 and remained in the charts for 20 weeks earning him the APRA Silver Scroll Award for that year. In 1975 he received the RATA award for Album of the Year (Higher Trails) and the APRA Silver Scroll for "Wind Songs". In 1976 He got yet another RATA Award for Composer of the Year for the song "Night Life".

In 1978 John moved to Australia where he runs an advertising agency and continues to write.



1972 Old Fashioned Music/Micky Mouse House
- from the album Floating

1972 Knowing/Flight Of The Seagull - Family FAY 1070

1973 Damn The Dam/When Will I write This Song? - Family FAY 1061#5
- from the Album Garden Fresh

1973 Shy Anne/In Love/Out Of Love
- from the album Floating

1974 I Care/Blue Shoes - Family FAY 1083
- from the Album Garden Fresh

1974 Is It Natural?/I'd Rather Be A Bird - Family FAY 1090
- from the Album Garden Fresh

1974 Lovely Lady/Minor Occurence - Family FAY 1097#1
- from the album Higher Trails

1975 Apple Wine/Platform Number 9 - Family FAY ??? #6
- from the album Higher Trails

1975 Higher Trails/Why Wasn't It Me - Family FAY 1107 #35
- from the album Higher Trails

1975 Dog Talk/Crazy Woman
- from the album Higher Trails

1976 Summery Song/I Know You Can Dance
- from the albumUse Your Eyes

1976 I Will Take The Sunshine/Peaceful
- from the albumUse Your Eyes

1976 Twenty-six Years/We Can Make It - Reprise Z 14001
- from the albumUse Your Eyes

1982 Romantically Inclined/the Culprit - Polydor POLY 132

1988 Along The Way/Alice
- from the albumShort Stories

1988 Don't Ever Let It Get You Down/Boats Upon The Harbour
- from the albumShort Stories


1973 Floating - Family FLY 207
1974 Garden Fresh - Family FLY 223 #28On A Hillside In The Rain
1975 Higher Trails - Family FLY 226 #7
1976 Use Your Eyes - Family FLY 228
1988 Short Stories
2009 Just Quietly
12 Shades of Blue

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