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John Donoghue

Cover for 1975 album "Donoghue"

Singer guitar player John Donoghue started out as a youth in the Wellington area playing in skiffle and rock and roll bands. In 1970 he joined Dizzy Limits as they got a gig travelling to London on The Northern Star, coming back on the Southern Cross. On their return Dizzy Limits renamed themselves Timberjack and released "Come To The Sabbat" a song by Britain's Black Widow which made it to #7 on the charts. The band seemed set for glory but soon disbanded.

John continued to perform in the 1970s as Timberjack Donoghue and also performed with Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band and Human Instinct. His "Album The Spirit of Pelorus Jack" won the Rata Award for New Zealand album of the year. In 1984 he was a founding member of The Warratahs and later would play with The Puha Bandidos.



1971 Timberjack: Come To The Sabbat/Epilogue - Ode ODE 18 #7
1972 Dahli Mohammed/Song For Vanda - Ode ODE 29
1973 Sprirt of Pelorus Jack - Ode ODE 56
1974 Requiem For County Gaul/Regrets And Things - Ode ODE 575
1975 The Insurance Man/Gypsy Lady - Ode ODE 584


1973 Spirit of Pelorus Jack - Ode SODE 40
1975 Donoghue - Ode SODE 66


1973 (7") Bulldogs All-Star Goodtime Band: Miss September (Donoghue)/Bulldogs - EMI HR-508 #2
1974 (LP) The Human Instinct: The Hustler - Zodiac ZLP 1051
1973 (7") Bulldogs All-Star Goodtime Band: Televisi0n Mama
1988 (LP) The Warratahs: Only Game In Town - Pagan PAL 1032 #14 - Pagan PAL 1032 #14
1993 (7") Bulldogs All-Star Goodtime Band: Tokyo Rose

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