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Graham Brazier (vocals, saxophone, guitar) Harry Lyon (guitar, vocals) Dave McArtney (guitar, vocals) Ricky Ball (drums) Lysle Kinney (bass)

Hello Sailor formed in 1975 and disbanded in 1980 but have reformed and recorded several times since then. McArtney and Lyon had been performing together in various forms since 1964. They met Graham Brazier at Auckland University and thus formed the nucleus of Hello Sailor. Songs such as Gutter Black and Blue Lady are iconic Kiwi rock staples.

The band centers around the songwriting talents of Brazier, McCartney and Lyons, all of whom have fronted successful bands outside of Hello Sailor. Graham Brazier would have a successful solo career as well as forming The Legionnaires (also featuring McCartney and Lyons). Dave McArtney fronted the Pink Flamingos, while Harry Lyon would go on to form Coup D'Etat.

Hello Sailor's first release was a cover of the Andrews Sisters' Rum & Coca Cola which failed to chart. Their eponymous debut album however would produce hits from all three songwriters.

In 1978 the band moved to the US where they found themselves in the middle of the L.A. punk scene. They were unable to secure a record deal there and spent more than they earned living the high life, exacerbated no doubt by the arrival of Dragon in the same year. They did however form an association with Ray Manzarek and at one point Brazier was asked if he would consider being a temporary front man for The Doors. While in America Hello Sailor's second LP was released but without the band on hand to promote it neither the two singles released, nor the album itself charted. It is nonetheless considered a fine album.

In 1979 Hello Sailor relocated to Australia but failed to break through there and disbanded in 1980. Graham Brazier went on to form The Legionnaires, McArtney would team up with Dragon Keyboardist Paul Hewson to form the Pink Flamingos and Harry Lyon formed Coup D'Etat.

In 1985 the group reformed for a reunion gig at Auckland's Gluepot. Discovering new enthusiasm for the band a single was recorded (Fugitive For Love) which made the charts. On the strength of this they decided to record a third album, Shipshape & Bristol Fashion, but with the album coming out more than a year later the momentum was lost and neither of the two singles charted. Hello Sailor again disbanded. The 1994 Album simply title The Album produced a couple of top 20 hits.



1976 Rum & Coca Cola
/Casablanca (Brazier) Non-album single

1977 Gutter Black (McArtney)/Latin Lover
- from the album Hello Sailor #15

1977 Blue Lady (Brazier)/Lucy's Leaving Home
- from the album Hello Sailor #13

1978 Lyin' In The Sand (Lyon)/Hiding Out
- from the album Hello Sailor #29

1978 Disco's Dead/The Boy We Used To Know
- from the album Pacifica Amour

1979 I'm a Texan/Dr. Jazz
- from the album Pacifica Amour

1985 Fugitive For Love/Boys in Beirut
- from the album Shipshape & Bristol Fashion #23

1994 New Tattoo
- from the album The Album #5

1995 Never Fade Away
- from the album The Album #19

1995 Raging With The Storm
- from the album The Album


1977 Hello Sailor (Key) #17
1978 Pacifica Amour (Key)
1982 Last Chance to Dance (Key) compilation Mini LP #11
1986 Shipshape & Bristol Fashion (Zulu) #21
1994 The Album (Control Records/Hello Sailor Productions) #44
1996 The Sailor Story (Festival) compilation #26
2006 When Your Lights Are Out (Liberation/Universal) acoustic compilation #33
2012 Surrey Crescent Moon (Hello Sailor/Warner) #35

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