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Philip Gordon Brazier a.k.a. Graham Brazier (6 May 1952 4 September 2015) was a founding member of seminal Kiwi rock band Hello Sailor. When that band broke up in 1980 He formed The Legionnaires which eventually included former Sailor band mates Dave McArtney and Harry Lyon before devolving back into a second incarnation of Hello Sailor. Brazier has also released several solo albums starting with Inside Out in 1981.

Sadly Graham Brazier passed away today, Sept 4, 2015:

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1980 6 Piece Chamber (Ripper Records)
1981 Billy Bold ? (Polydor)
1981 No Mystery ? (Polydor)
1987 Spellbound/Rags to Ruins ?(CBS Records NZ)
1987 Satellite Town/Maddona Falls (CBS Records NZ)
1987 Same Old Deal/Fight (Pagan Records) Dave McArtney/Graham Brazier
1988 I've Been A Bad Bad Boy/Motorway ?(CBS)


1981 Inside Out (Polydor)
1987 Brazier(CBS)
2004 East of Eden (Wildside)

The Legionnaires:

1982 Strange Faces at the Oasis 12" EP
1983 Live at Mainstreet (The Legionnaires/Dance Exponents) (Mushroom)
1984 Nosferatu/Shanty Town/Waiting For You 12" EP (WEA)

Graham Brazier - On The Trail

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