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...The Verlaines...

The Verlaines

Jane Dodd (bass), Robbie Yates (drums), Graeme Downes (Guitar, vocals)

The Verlaines fronted by Graeme Downes derive their name from the French Poet Paul Verlaine. They were first released on Flying Nun's Dunedin Double EP along with The Chills, Sneaky Feelings and The Stones, and have become a mainstay of the Flying Nun stable.

Downes is currently head of the music department at Otago University. He released a solo album "Hammers and Anvils" on Flying Nun and Matador Records in 2001. Jane Dodd went on to join Auckland's Able Tasmans and Robbie Yates joined Dunedin's Dead C.



Jun 1983 (7") Death And The Maiden/CD, Jimmy Jazz & Me
- appears on the album Juvenilia

1984 10 O'Clock In The Afternoon
Baud To Tears/Pyromaniac/Joed Out/Burlesque/Wind Song/You Say You
- appears on the album Juvenilia

1985 (EP) Doomsday/New Kinda Hero #37

1990 (7") The Funniest Thing/You Forget Love
- from the album Some Disenchanted Evening


1985 Hallelujah All The Way Home - FN040
1987 Bird Dog - FN077
1987 Juvenilia (compilation) - FN COMP 02
1989 Some Disenchanted Evening - FN129
1991 Ready To Fly - Slash C30718 Ready to Fly
1993 Way Out Where - Slash D31032 Way Out Where This Valentine
1996 Over the Moon - Columbia 486880.2 Hanging By The Strands Writing on the Wall
2003 You're Just Too Obscure for Me (compilation) - FNCD476
2007 Pot Boiler - FNCD501 It's Easier To Harden a Broken Heart
2009 Corporate Moronic - Dunedinmusic.com Rootless Cosmopolitan
2012 Untimely Meditations - FNCD524


1982 (2EP) Dunedin Double EP Flying Nun Records DUN 1
3 songs - Angela/Crisis After Crisis/You Cheat Yourself Of Everything That Moves

1993 (LP) No Alternative (A.I.D.S. Benefit) Arista
one track: Heavy 33

1995 (LP) Red Hot + Bothered (A.I.D.S. Benefit)
one track: Some Fantasy (with Shayne Carter)

Graeme Downes:

2001 (CD) Hammers and Anvils Matador Records - OLE 506-2/Flying Nun FNCD454
Hammers and Anvils

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