Old New Zealand

...The Stones...

The Stones

Wayne Elsey (vocals, guitar), Graeme Anderson (drums), Jeff Batts (bass, vocals)

The Stones were first released on Flying Nun's Dunedin Double EP along with The Chills, Sneaky Feelings and The Verlaines. Other than that they only released one further EP of songs. Of all the early so called "Dunedin Sound" groups they were the most raw, energetic and full of attitude delivering an exhilarating live performance.

Wayne Elsey went on to play with Shayne Carter in the Double Happys before tragically losing his life in an accident on tour.


1982 (2EP) Dunedin Double EP Flying Nun Records DUN 1
3 songs: Something New/See Red/Down And Around/Surf's Up

1983 (EP) Another Disc Another Dollar
Gunner Ho/Funky Conversations/At The Cafe/Fad World/Final Days

1983 (LP) The Last Rumba (various Artists) RUM 001
one track: Mother - Father

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