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The Pin Group

Ross Humphries (bass) Peter Stapleton (drums) Roy Montgomery (guitar, vocals) Desmond Brice (lyrics) later: Mary Heney (guitar, vocals), Peter Fryer (viola)

The Pin Group's 7" Ambivalence was the first release for Flying Nun Records. The band formed in late 1980 around Roy Montgomery, Peter Stapleton and Desmond Brice and were later joined by Ross Humphries on bass. The band were very short lived with Montgomery leaving for Britain in January 1982 however Stapleton and Montgomery did perform together later in Dadamah and the Pin Group recorded a single "11 Years After" in 1992.


1981 (7") Ambivalence(Montgomery/Brice)/Columbia FN001
1981 (7") Coat/Jim FN003

1982 (EP) The Pin Group - Go To Town FN 1967
Power/Long Night/Ambivalence/When I Tell You/A Thousand Sins

1992 (7") 11 Years After - Coat (Brice/Montgomery)/Hurricane Fighter Plane (Red Crayola) Siltbreeze - SB63

1997 (LP) The Pin Group (compilation) Siltbreeze SB63 1997
2012 (LP) Ambivalence (compilation) Flying Nun Records

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