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The Clean

Robert Scott (Bass, kbd), David Kilgour (guitar, kbd), Hamish Kilgour (drums)

The Clean were at the forefront of the so called Dunedin Sound along with The Chills, The Verlaines, Sneaky Feelings and The Stones. They were the second band to be released on Flying Nun Records and gave the label a boost when their debut single Tally Ho! unexpectedly made it to #19 in the national pop charts. The song's catchy farfisa organ line was played by Martin Phillipps of the Chills and has been described (by Graeme Downes) as "...just a pure piece of pop simplicity slash genius".

The original line-up consisted of the Kilgour brothers and Peter Gutteridge. Gutteridge went on to form Snapper and was eventually replaced by Robert Scott. Scott is also the front man for The Bats.The cover of Boodle, Boodle, boodle was drawn by Chris Knox from a promotional photograph.



1981 (7") Tally Ho!/Platypus (3 versions) FN002 #19

Nov 1981 (EP) Boodle, Boodle, Boodle FN 003 #5
Billy Two/Thumbs Off/Anything Could Happen/Sad Eyed Lady/*Point That Thing Somewhere Else (all Kilgour/Kilgour/Scott except *Kilgour/Kilgour/Gutteridge)

1982 (EP) The Clean - Great Sounds Great, Good Sounds Good, So-so Sounds So-so, Bad Sounds Bad, Rotten Sounds Rotten GOOD 001 #4
Fish/Flowers/Side On/Slug Song/Beatnik/End of My Dream/On Again/Off Again

1982 (7") Getting Older/Scrap Music/Whatever I Do It's Right LAST 1 #36

1986 (EP) Live Dead Clean LDC 001 #23
Two Fat Sisters/At The Bottom/Caveman/Happy Birthday John/Attack Of The Teddybears/Filling A Hole 1989 (EP) In-A-Live
Fish/Anything Could Happen/Flowers/Point That Thing Somewhere Else/Whatever I Do Is Right

1994 Late Last Night/Psychedelic Clown Dark Beloved Cloud US dbc 020


1990 Vehicle Rough Trade Records (UK) ROUGH 143 Flying Nun Records (NZ) FN 147
1994 Modern Rock Flying Nun Records (NZ) FN 292 Summershine (US) SHINE-US 7
1996 Unknown Country Flying Nun Records (NZ) FN 349
2001 Getaway Flying Nun Records (NZ) FNCD 459 Matador Records (UK) OLE 527-2 Merge Records (US) MRG188
2009 Mister Pop Merge Records (US) MRG325CD Arch Hill Recordings (NZ) AHR042 Morr Music (DE) MM095LP

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