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Tall Dwarfs

Chris Knox (everything) Alec Bathgate (everything)

The best band ever! Growing up in Dunedin I got to see The Clean, the Chills and The Stones while still in high school and was immediately enthusiastic about the whole Flying Nun thing. I was stoked that all this was going on in my home town. I had heard some of Tall Dwarfs earlier stuff but when "The Brain that Wouldn't Die" played on Radio One (Otago University Student Radio) I was instantly hooked. The relentless driving rhythm and DIY simplicity really struck a chord.

Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate formed a musical relationship beginning in The Enemy and Toy Love which endured through to Tall Dwarfs. Both are multi instrumentalists, masters of "lo-fi" they compensated for the lack of a drummer with DIY percussion and tape loops. Living proof that a catchy melody, driving rhythm and spoonfuls of attitude trumps everything.



1981 (EP) Three Songs - Furtive Records FUR 001
Nothing's Going to Happen/Luck or Loveliness/All of my Hollowness to You

1982 (EP) Louis Likes His Daily Dip - WEE 001
Louis the First/Maybe/Pictures on the Floor/Paul's Place/Clover/Song of the Silents/Louis the Second

1983 (EP) Canned Music FNTIN 1
Canopener/Beauty/This Room is Wrong/Walking Home/Turning Brown and Torn in Two/Woman/Shade for Today

1984 (EP) Slugbucket Hairybreath Monster SLUG 1
The Brain That Wouldn't Die/Phil's Disease (Day One)/I've Left Memories Behind/Phil's Disease (Day Four)/Crush

1986 (EP) Throw a Sickie FNSICK 1
Come Inside/The Big Dive

1987 (EP) Dogma FN098
Lurlene Bayliss/Waltz Of The Good Husband/The Slide/Dog

1998 (EP) Gluey, Gluey and The Ear Friend FNCD403
Gluey Gluey/Ice Breaker/Fragile/The Ear Friend (Trailer)/Foolish Hearts/The Ear Friend


1985 That's the Long and Short of It - LONG 1
Nothing's Going to Happen Gone to the Worms Get Outta The Garage

1987 Hello Cruel World (compilation) FNE 15CD

1990 Weeville - FNCD166
Lag Sign the Dotted Line Pirouette Lucky Bodies Ozone

1991 Fork Songs FN218
Dare to Tread We Bleed Love Wings/Lowlands/Oatmeal/Two humans Thought Disorder Small Talk

1992 The Short and Sick of It (compilation) FNCD199

1994 3 EPs FN296 - A Question of Medical Ethics: For All The Walters In The World Entropy What Goes Up Highrise Starry Eyed and Wooly Brained - Up the Down Staircase: Bob's Yer Uncle - Sam's Spaniel: Senile Dementia

1996 Stumpy (as the International Tall Dwarfs) FN384
Two Minds And That's Not All

1998 Fifty Flavours of Glue FNCD412
Gluey Gluey Fragile

2002 The Sky Above the Mud Below FNCD456
Over The Waves 2005 In the Dying Days of Helen Young


1983The Last Rumba (Various Artists) RUM 001
One track: This Room is Wrong (live)

1988 Human Music (Various Artists) Homestead Records HMS100-1
One track: Gravity

1993 (7") Split Forced Exposure FE-031
Chris Knox: 2 songs: Get a Life/Well Soon
Tall Dwarfs: 2 songs: Lag/The Brain That Wouldn't Die

2002 Under The Influence - 21 Years of Flying Nun Records FNCD021If I Were You

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Easter Song - Live at Windsor Castle, Auckland 1985

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The Brain That Wouldn't Die - Performed by David Kilgour.

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