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Sneaky Feelings

Matthew Bannister (Guiltar, vocals) David Pine (Guiltar, vocals) Martin Durrant (drums, vocals) Kat Tyrie (bass, keyboards, vocals) later: John Kelcher (bass, vocals), Ross Burge (drums)

Sneaky Feelings were first released on Flying Nun's classic Dunedin Double EP along with The Chills, The Verlaines and The Stones and were one of the early so called "Dunedin Sound" bands. The name is derived from an Elvis Costello song off his first album, "My Aim Is True". Bannister, Pine and Durrant all sang and contributed songs contrasting with many of the other early Flying Nun bands which were centred around a single principal songwriter.

Sneaky Feelings disbanded in 1992 though they did reform briefly in 1992 for the reissue of the album Send You. Matthew Bannister went on to form The Dribbling Darts, The Weather and The Changing Same. He also worked briefly with The Muttonbirds, released a solo album (Moth as One Man Bannister) and published Positively George Street, a memoir of his time as part of the Dunedin music scene. He completed his Phd in Film, TV and Media Studies at Auckland University in 1993. A revised version of his thesis was published in 2006 as White Boys, White Noise: Masculinities and 1980s Guitar Rock

David Pine is currently New Zealand's High Commissioner to Malaysia and Brunei.



1982 (7") Be My Friend/Amnesia FN015 #31

1985 Husband House/The Strange And Conflicting Feelings Of Separation And Betrayal/Major Barbara - FEEL 2 #16 - from the album Take Sides

1986 Better Than Before/Wouldn't Cry/Here's to the Other Six - FEEL 3 #34

1986 Coming True/Wasted Time - FEEL 5
- from the albumSentimental Education

1987 Trouble With Kay - FEEL 7
- from the albumSentimental Education

1988 Long Time Gone - FN119
- from the album Hard Love Stories


1983 Send You - FEEL 1
Waiting for Touchdown Throwing Stones Someone Else's Eyes Not to Take Sides P.I.T./Song/Won't Change
1986 Sentimental Education - FEEL 6/FNE 14CD
All You've Done Wouldn't Cry
1986 Waiting for Touchdown (compilation) - FN ANDA62
1988 Hard Love Stories - FN112/FNE 26 CD
... Discipline
1992 Send You (reissue) - FNCD205
bonus track: Maybe You Need to Come Back Cry You Out of My Eyes
1999 Positively George Street (compilation) - FNCD441


1982 (2EP) Dunedin Double EP Flying Nun Records DUN 1
3 songs Pity's Sake (Pine)/There's a Chance (Durrant)/Backroom (Bannister)

1989 (7") The Antipodes EP (various artists) one track: Anxious Love

2005 (CD) Biding Our Time (various artists) - Failsafe Records ? SAFE006CD
one track: Take the Darkness

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