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Richie Venus

Ritchie Venus & The Blue Beetles released the single "Bleeding Heart" on Flying Nun Records in 1981. Later releases were on Onset/Offset Records. Ritchie Venus a.k.a Michael Braithwaite is an eccentric Christchurch accountant/film maker/rock 'n' roller who has performed since the late sixties but gained renewed exposure in the eighties. A movie The Ballad of Ritchie Venus was directed by Natham Pohio.



1981 (7") Bleeding Heart/Josephine (Flying Nun) FN008
1987 (7") Candy/Lighthouse (Onset/Offset) PR 2378


1987 Rebel Blood (Onset/Offset)PRA 2387
1989 You Can't Fight It (Onset/Offset) RV 008

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