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Chris Knox (2/9/1952 - ) first rose to prominence in seminal Dunedin punk band The Enemy. After relocating to Auckland The Enemy morphed into Toy Love becoming one of the more prominent bands in a burgeoning punk scene that included the likes of Suburban Reptiles and The Scavengers. The short lived Toy Love released just one album on Mushroom records before disbanding however Chris would continue his musical partnership with Alec Bathgate in Tall Dwarfs for many years after.

Chris Knox also released a number of solo albums and was heavily involved in the formative stages of Flying Nun Records recording many of the bands on a portable 4-Track tape recorder. He is a cartoonist, critic and experimental film maker. Many of his music videos display the same D.I.Y. approach that embodies his music. Sadly Chris Knox recently suffered a stroke from which he is still recovering.



1989 (EP) Not Given Lightly FN127
1990 Song For 1990 FN155
1993 Under The Influence/Stasis FN266
1995 One Fell Swoop FN316
1996 Songs From 1990 Caroline CAR 7528
1996 15th Anniversary Etching FN372


1981 Songs for Cleaning Guppies ME 1
1988 Seizure FN125 The Woman Inside of Me And I Will Cry Rapist My Dumb Luck The Face of Fashion
1991 Croaker FN165 Liberal Backlash Angst
1993 Polyfoto, Duck-Shaped Pain and Gum "Polyfoto" (introduction), Duck-Shaped Pain (LP), "Gum" (bonus EP) FN249
1993 Meat Compilation of tracks from Seizure and Croaker - Communion COMM 28-2
1995 (2LP) Songs Of You And Me Double album - FN313
Hanging Out for Time to Cure Birth: Half Man/Half Mole
A Stranger's Iron Shore:
1997 Yes!! Released: 23 September 1997 FN400
The Joy of Sex 1999 Almost Bonus CD with Yes!! - Dark Beloved Cloud DBC 220
2000 Beat Released: 22 August 2000 FN444
It's Love My Only Friend 2002 Inaccuracies & Omissions Released as Friend Released: 31 March 2003 FN471
2005 Chris Knox & The Nothing Released as Chris Knox & The Nothing - A Major Label
2008 A Warm Gun Released as The Nothing - A Major Label AMAJ001 With Toy Love


1993 (7") Split Forced Exposure FE-031
Tall Dwarfs: 2 songs: Lag/The Brain That Wouldn't Die
Chris Knox: 2 songs: Get a Life/Well Soon

2009 Stroke - Songs for Chris Knox (Various artists) Released: 15 November 2009 - A Major Label AMAJ002

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