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Bored Games

Shayne Carter (guitar, vocals) Wayne Elsey (guitar) Fraser Batts (guitar) Jonathan Moore (bass) and Jeff Harford (drums) Terry Moore (guitar)

Bored Games was a band that Shayne Carter formed with Wayne Elsey while students at Kaikorai Valley High School. Elsey left the band early on to join The Stones and was replaced by Terry Moore. Elsey would however later rejoin Carter in The Double Happys before tragically losing his life returning from a tour. Terry Moore and Fraser Batts would go on to play with The Chills. After The Double Happys, Shayne Carter formed Straitjacket Fits with Andrew Brough, and later went on to form Dimmer.

Bored Games only ever released the one EP, "Who Killed Colonel Mustard", after the band had already broken up.



1982 (EP) Who Killed Colonel Mustard
Happy Endings/I Don't Get It/Joe 90/Bridesmaid

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