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The Dunedin Double EP was released by Flying Nun Records in 1982. It consists of two 12" 45 rpm discs in a double gatefold with one side dedicated to each of The Chills, The Verlaines, The Stones and Sneaky Feelings. It marks a distinct change in focus for the label towards the emerging Dunedin scene and the so called, much debated, "Dunedin Sound".

The Chills, The Verlaines and Sneaky Feelings would all go on to greater things, The Stones however only produced one further EP before disbanding.

Dunedin Double: The Chills

The Chills: Martin Phillipps (vocals, guitar) Terry Moore (bass, backing vocals) Alan Haig (drums) Frazer Batts (keyboards, backing vocals)

3 songs: Kaleidoscope World Satin Doll (Frantic) Drift

95bFM Extended Play - Dunedin Double EP - Martin Phillipps.
95bFM Extended Play - Dunedin Double EP - Alan Haig.

Sneaky Feelings: Matthew Bannister (guitar, vocals) David Pine (guitar, vocals) Kat Tyrie (bass) Martin Durrant (drums, vocals)

3 songs: Pity's Sake (Pine) There's a Chance (Durrant)/Backroom (Bannister)

The Stones: Jeff Batts (bass, vocals) Wayne Elsey (guitar, vocals) Graeme Anderson (drums)

4 songs: Something New See Red Down And Around Surf's Up

95bFM Extended Play - Dunedin Double EP - Jeff Batts.

The Verlaines: Graeme Downes (guitar, vocals) Jane Dodd (bass) Greg Kerr (drums)

Angela Crisis After Crisis You Cheat Yourself Of Everything That Moves

95bFM Extended Play - Dunedin Double EP - Graeme Downes.

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